About Victoria Rose


Lover of natural light. Follower of Jesus Christ. Coffee devotee. Encourager.

This is me.

I love outdoors. I love back-lighting subjects with the warm glow of a sunset. I love capturing the passion of two people, the joy of a family laughing together, and the excited expressions of seniors on the verge of graduation. I love people.

When I was young, I realized (and grasped as much as a young child can) that I needed a Savior. My dad showed me the “Romans Road” from his Bible. I asked God to forgive my sins and to come into my heart. Later in my teen years, I began to more personally nurture my relationship with Christ. There have been many bumps along the road. But thankfully, they have pushed me to grow. But God is good all the time. His love and faithfulness never fails. (If you have more questions about this, please email me 🙂 )

Coffee…yes. My devoutness puts me nearly at Lorelai Gilmore status. I’ll take it black. I’ll take it with lots of sugar and whipped cream. Hot. Cold. Blended. All of the above 😉 Organic and roasted locally? I’d take two! 🙂 In the morning, I bribe myself to get out of bed by offering myself coffee… You get the idea. 😉

Encouraging the people around me is one of my life goals. Not like a goal that gets scratched off the bucket list when completed once. But a “deeper living” kind of moment by moment goal. Because of my relationship with Christ, I see the need my soul has for something beyond this life – an upward focus. I don’t want to live averagely. I don’t want to be content with doing the minimum. Christ’s love compels to live a thriving life. When we, as Christians, are filled with the Spirit, we are enabled to share His love with those around us.

These are some glimpses of me and my personality. These traits become evident as you read my blog posts. My Instagram also serves to show “behind the scenes” me.

I’m real. I’m imperfect. I’m Victoria Rose and this is my blog for clients (aka friends) and future clients (aka friends to be 😉 ).