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Summer at Victoria Rose Photography:

In July, I packed up my large suitcase, carry on, and a large personal bag. July 12th, I landed in Frankfurt, Germany – beginning the trip of a lifetime! After a shuttle, I took my first train ride not knowing the language. Talk about terrifying! Confirming I was on the right train through a nice woman’s broken English, I arrived at Camp Impact without a hitch. Whew!


I volunteered at Camp Impact for 6 weeks. The first 3, we tackled painting, cleaning, and construction projects preparing for eager campers! A Christian camp is a rare privilege in Germany – and I count it a blessing to have seen it for myself.  

During the 12-day camp sessions, I was the official camp photographer! I met people from all over their beautiful country! The kids we patient with my few German words and they bravely friended me, the “English girl”. I loved every second getting to know campers and their mentors. Their stories will be with me forever.


The entire experience was breath-taking, inspiring, and worth being out of my comfort zone. After many hard goodbyes, friends drove me 6 hours to visit Switzerland.

In Switzerland, I stayed a week with a childhood friend. She had married a Swiss man and bravely moved across the Atlantic. Just a couple months before my arrival, my friend Patti had given birth to their precious daughter Miri! She is such a bundle of joy! Always moving! I’m so very thankful for every second that I could spend with this wonderful family.

victoria-rose-photography_4After another train, I flew from Zurich airport to Dublin, Ireland. Between visits with friends in Dublin, I stayed with college friends in Western Ireland. Josh and Annie are missionaries at a lovely church in Boyle. For 3 weeks, every Thursday-Sunday were filled with ministry activities – such as youth group, after school programs, visiting families, services, and potlucks! The work was busy but thrilling! I was also able to help them with some projects requiring media – my cup of tea! I am so grateful for their friendship.

My last few days in Dublin, I was hosted by another gracious, missionary couple. They are very outgoing and introduced me to many Dubliners. The friendships formed were quick yet so fun!

victoria-rose-photography_-10So many adventures happened within these 2 months of traveling. I wish I could tell you more! If you’re in my neck of the woods, give me a call and we can chat all day! If you traveled this summer, please shoot me an email or Facebook message! I want to hear all about it!!

Your Michigan-born Adventurer,

Victoria Rose


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