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Bride: Hannah Griffith


Hello Brides!

Hannah Griffith, soon to be Mrs. Fellmeth, has graciously taken the time to be interviewed. Her answers and discussion below will be a great encouragement to any bride feeling the pressure of wedding planning. Hannah and her loving fiancé Jake have been a blessing to my heart as I have watched them grow closer together over the past year.

1. What are the most important elements of your wedding, in your opinion?

I love the fact that I am marrying a Christian man. Who you marry is one of the most important elements of a wedding. My fiancé is a godly man who strives to put God first. And he loves me! I am blessed. Another thing that comes to mind is the focus on the biblical model of marriage. It will be a theme throughout the day. Everything that is done reflects a promise of God from scripture. For example, we will light a unity candle with two separate candle and then extinguish the two separate candles. This action represents how we are now not two people in God’s eyes but one.

2. What are your favorite things about planning the wedding?

I love how my fiancé, Jake, and I have grown closer to each other and closer to the Lord. I also have to say it’s so much fun planning a day that you’ve dreamed about for most of your life 

Jake Hannah 27

3. Why have you chosen a church as the venue for your wedding?

My Dad is a pastor and he’s done many weddings throughout the years. When I was 11, I helped him finish a few things at church one night before a wedding that was going on the next day. We turned the lights on in the sanctuary, my Dad offered me his arm and walked me down the aisle of the beautifully decorated church. As we walked, Dad talked about what marriage was and what it was not. I listened to him talk about the husband and wife being a picture of Christ and His bride the church. He talked about the importance of one man and one woman for life and why he was already dreading the day when he would give me to another man. We stopped at the front and talked through the vows and the rest of the wedding ceremony. I’ve wanted to be married in my church from that day on.

Jake Hannah 33

4. As a believer in Jesus Christ, what biblical elements are weaved through your wedding day?

At the beginning of the wedding I will be walked down the aisle by my dad and given away to Jake. This will be a symbol of how I am coming out from under the headship of my parents and now am under Jake’s leadership. There will be a charge to the couple that will detail the roles of the husband and wife from a biblical perspective. Jake and I will exchange rings as a promise to stay faithful to each other alone until death parts us. We will also recite vows which are our covenants before God to stay faithful to each other. As I said earlier, we will also light a unity candle. Throughout the service we will have 2 special music numbers. Both are songs about love taken right from scripture. We are also having a song done at the reception about consecrating our lives to the Lord’s service. After the song, Jake and I are giving our testimonies.

Jake Hannah 53

5. How do you deal with the stressful moments of planning your wedding? How do you keep from feeling overwhelmed?

I do a lot of praying. Sometimes I step away from whatever Jake and I are doing and just take a moment to ask the Lord for wisdom and grace. I would not be able to get through this time without His perfect peace and guidance.

6. How has planning your wedding celebration brought you and your fiancé closer together?

Jake has been my biggest support. I know he has my back no matter what happens. He’s taken me on random dates when the stress seems to be too much, brought me coffee, prayed with me, helped me make decorations, and the list goes on. He’s been amazing! And he’s always been on my side. The pressure of wedding planning has only brought us closer. I am marrying a wonderful man!

Jake Hannah 37

7. When people leave from celebrating your marriage – what do you want them to remember most?

When people leave our wedding I want them to know without a doubt that these two people love each other, but beyond that they love God more.

Thank you for your time and insight Hannah!

What are some ways that your wedding reflects Christ? I’d love to hear in comments below!


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