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Seniors: How to Prepare for a Shoot

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Hello Graduate-to-be!

First, congratulations!!! Wow!!! You’re going to be done with high school soon! Does it seem real yet? Probably not, but that’s ok. Enjoy every moment you have left with your fellow peers! You’re going to do great things in this world! J

In preparation for all of your upcoming parties and yearbook signings, pictures are the new trading cards! (Please tell me you know what those are so that I don’t feel too old 😉 ). You want your pictures to reflect you – who you are. Here’s some tips to get you started.



Choose your photographer carefully.

Just because half of your class is going to the same photographer, doesn’t mean that he/she is the best for you. In fact, if you find someone else, your pictures will stand out because they’re unique – different from everyone else’s and in a good way. 🙂

Shop around and find the photography style that you love. Or find a person that you really love and have a connection with. Connection with your photographer is so important. If you’re not comfortable with your photographer, it will show in your pictures later. Sigh. Your photographer should help you feel comfortable and encourage you throughout your shoot. (If you’re looking for some additional help, check out the PPA’s 10 tips.)


Show off your personality!

  • Location: Are you the star quarterback of your football team? AWESOME. You should get some photos taken on the football field. Next instrumentalist genius to join The Piano Guys? SWEET. Let’s find place with a piano or take your instrument outdoors! If you’re a bookworm, let’s find a library or a nice park. Coffee addict already? Well, then, let’s head to your favorite coffee shop asap!!

Locations play into setting the stage for your photos. You don’t even have to travel much to find a wide variety of landscape usually either. If you want woodsy pictures and then cute downtown pictures, most parks have an ice cream shop nearby. So easy!

  • Outfits: As a girl, I love clothes! Amen, ladies? 😉 Guys, deep breath. Ask your girlfriend or mom. They’d be happy to help!
    • Bring 2 or more – one dressy and one casual. Make sure they really flatter you. Don’t wear anything too tight, that can’t be “Photoshopped” to look better. Iron your outfits the night before. Have them picked out head of time so you’re not running around the morning of.
    • Wear nice shoes. No flip flops. Ladies, heels are preferred. But bring flats for in the grass. Guys, if you’re wearing a suit coat, do not – I repeat – do not wear tennis shoes. We will have time to change shoes. Make sure your shoes coordinate with your outfits. They will be visible in your pictures.
    • Tan lines – the struggle is real. If you’re going to spend some time in the sun, please vary your swimsuit tops to help avoid any harsh lines. If you’re going to a tanning bed, don’t overdo it. I don’t want you to look too orange or leathery.
    • Smile!!! Practice in the mirror if you’d like. But your natural smile is stunning! Don’t be afraid to let your inner light shine on!
    • Feel free to bring props. Great props include basketballs, jerseys, cheerleader pom-poms, books, balloons, class rings.

Amelia Sr 001Don’t worry about the weather.

I’ll do my best to keep an eye on the forecast. But if you have any concerns, give me a ring. Usually we’ll do our best to keep the original, scheduled time. Clouds are really great lighting. They help avoid harsh shadows. If it’s drizzling we’ll give it a few minutes to clear and see what happens. Some of my favorite sessions have happened right after/before small rainstorms.


Involve your parents.

Usually your parents are paying for you pictures. Let them have a say in your outfits. Parents understand how something can look good in the 80’s and not so much now. Or they can help give your outfit a complete look.

They are welcome to come along for the shoot. If they’re going to be a distraction, feel free to meet up with them afterwards.



This post may seem long. But take a deep breath – because you have this! You are going to look awesome! You will rock your day!

Keep studying hard (I saw that eye-roll 😉 ) and enjoy the celebrations of finishing high school!!!

Keep being amazing,

Victoria Rose


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