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Sharing the Passion

Emma Furnari 11

I love sharing. “Sharing is caring” as the old Sunday School song goes.

But really. If I love something – a song, a coffee drink, a life lesson – I have to talk about it! My friend Jules, who lives 836 miles away in SC, gets a text message from me at least once a week about something I’ve discovered. I’ve got girlfriends that live within walking distance that I’ll go see at 11 pm at night – just to share what I’m learning from the Word and ask their opinion on it.

 Emma Furnari 19

If I know you like the same music, here comes a song you have to check out.

Coffee lover too??!!! Oh my word, have you checked out Stone Creek Coffee?

You have allergies? Gluten!!!! Me too! You have to try Brickhaus Café’s grilled cheese sandwich? It’s. To. Die. For.

 Emma Furnari 14

Yeah, so I like to share. 😉 This also carries over to photography. My amazing friend Emma (from Emma Catherine Photography) spent an entire 9 hours talking photography a couple Saturday’s ago. We each were armed with our DSLR’s and explored downtown Madison, WI. While enjoying coffee, we talked about contracts and shooting styles. We practiced posing each other and using different lighting techniques. Over sushi, we gabbed about our backgrounds, how we got to where we are, and where we hope to be going in life. It was all so great!

The day spent in Madison reminded me that we all need to be sharing. Share what you’re learning with those around you! It doesn’t have to be photography – share what you enjoy!



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